Notification Badge for pm @mentioning you

I just noticed that you don’t get a high priority notification badge, if you are mentioned in a personal message. You just get a normal notification badge.
At the moment you see _20220715_134811
Instead of _20220715_134714

I think it would be better if the notification for a pm in which you are mentioned would look like the one for a pm. At the moment a pm without a mention is more emphasized, than a pm which additionally mentions you.

While searching I found this post

which says that it should be different, but I could not find a topic explainig why this was changed. It still works this way for quotes and replies.


I think changing the notification number for messages to @ would be a great help too


I think this would be really cool. I may make a PR for this if I get a chance here in a bit.


I’d hold off on a PR for changes regarding this, we currently have a notification menu redesign & refactor in the works.


Alright then! I’m excited to see it when it comes out!

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