Options for integrating a wiki knowledge base

I am wondering if its possible to integrate a discourse forum with an existing mediawiki (could be wikipedia or any other article based wiki for that matter) on the basis of keywords.

So when the text in a post contains a keyword from a predefined list, it renders automatically a link to the wiki (no need to add it manually).

If there is a way to do this cross-linking using a builtin wiki that could work too, provide I could bulk load the entries somehow (html?) into discourse

Would be interested if people pursued any external wiki integrations of content to good effect (not interested in sso)

The Discourse Wikilinks Plugin offers a solution for cross-linking Discourse wiki-posts. The plugin has some nice features that make the integration fluid and seamless.


Looks promising! Will look into it. Thanks for the pointer


You can also do that with watched words and Linkify words in post

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watched words looks like an easy way to implement what I need, but curious about the 2000 word limit. Is word list length hitting some performance bottleneck? Does Linkify allow an “arbitrary” size glossary. (I can definitely get started with 2K words but would be awkward if at some point I run out of words :slight_smile: