Pinned Topic -- How Do We Always Keep it Pinned?

Currently, after the user views the topic list with a pinned topic, it is no longer pinned for that user.

Is there a way to always keep it pinned?


I think a lot depends on how you think of Pinned.

  • If you think of it like last century’s forums, you might think Pinned would be a kind of “sticky post” and always listed first.

  • If you think of it like Discourse, Pinned is more like should be read at least once.

True, if Pinned is used more as an “easy to find reference topic”, having them automatically unpinned after reading doesn’t help. If members want to keep it readily available they need to use the topics Pin button or Bookmark the topic… or be good at using search.



The problem with Pinned topics is that they occupy valuable real estate – the top of every topic list! If you have too many of them, they permanently shift more active topics down the list.

If the unPin when read isn’t a good fit for a forum there is a site setting to disable it from happening. No “default” will ever suit every forum. That’s why they’re options.


Remember this is a user preference. The options to control this user preference in your site settings are

automatically unpin topics


default topics automatic unpin


Could we have a feature so we can set these preferences per pinned topic? Some Pinned topics may be dismissed after reading, but some should stick until a user explicitly dismisses it. In other words, I want to set the default user preference per topic rather than globally on the site (and give moderators access to that per topic setting)

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No, that is not planned, and not on any of our roadmaps.


Consider this a request to put ‘per topic default automatic unpin’ on a roadmap.


Consider this a second request.


It is very confusing to see Discourse redefine what “pinned” means in a forum. This functionality has been universally available on all major forum platforms for as long as I have been using them.

Add one more to your count for this feature request.


It’s already possible; the site setting to change the default, so that scrolling to the bottom of the topic does not unpin the topic, is listed above. Site operators can change that value as they see fit.

Making it “per topic” versus a global setting isn’t planned.


Consider this a reminder that we are requesting it.

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