Progress bar for filling out community profile?

Does anyone know if there’s an add-on or theme component that shows a progress bar for filling out / completing your community profile? For example, LinkedIn let’s you know when you’ve completed x% of your profile.

I’m curious to hear what others have done to incentivize their community members to fill out their profiles.


That’s a really nice idea for a Feature of Core or a plugin.

Occasional “blogging” of site features in a “site stuff” category can sometimes help drive adoption of these facilities. Some users are better than others.

I note your meta user card is a bit bare btw :wink:


I just realized I never responded! Thanks for the suggestion. Any places you recommend I begin my search?

I definitely agree that such a feature should be a part of vanilla Discourse. Users should be incentivized to fill out their entire profile. Maybe they could be awarded a badges after reaching certain percentages or just one badge when they reach 100%? At the moment, there aren’t enough incentives for users to fill out their profiles.


i’m super vouching this. nevermind that i’m super bare. the feature would be for them. :wink: