Publish a topic without triggering notifications?

Is there any way to publish a topic without triggering any notifications and without it coming up under “Latest”?

I suppose the latter is achieved by changing the date manually. But I’m not sure if this will also prevent notifications from going out…

Publishing a topic is supposed to act as if you were posting it (thus the bump in Latest and the notifications).

Why do you not want that?

Most users are using our forum via email (not in mailinglist mode but they rarely log in). Now I want to publish a topic with some basic background information that is just supposed to be available if someone looks for it but which should not be sent out because it would probably confuse people, like “Why are you sending me this? I already have that information.”

So I guess there is no solution for this?

Or how about this: if I publish the topic as unlisted it will neither trigger a notification nor show up on /latest, right? So if I then “un-unlist” the topic, will it trigger notifications? It will show up on /latest, but not if I change the publication date to something further back, right?

What about summary emails, though? I suppose it can’t really be prevented from coming up there, at some point.