Quote-feature occasionally missing on Android

There is a slight glitch in the quoting, at least for the members of the staff.

Reproduced on various Android/Chrome mobile devices by our staff. CDCK SaaS instance, FI locale.

  • Select (paint) the text you want to quote.
  • You are only shown an option to modify the text, but no quote option.
  • The situation persists until you refresh the page in browser, after which the option to quote appears again as expected.

It seems likely that this does not impact regular members, as all reports so far are from staff member.

Will post a screenshot later, as I just refreshed and correct functionality is temporarely recovered.


Screenshot. The issue came back in just minutes.


Thanks for the report. Could you share what version of the app you’re on? If you could do a precise check on the version that would be even better.

We merged a fix related to quoting just four hours ago, but I don’t think it’s an admin-specific issue.

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Tappara.co is running on CDCK and apparently was last updated on the 28th of July.

Hm…how do I check version number…have not really paid attention to that recently, as updates are rolling constantly.

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Gotcha, no need for the version number. We’ll look into this. Thanks!

@ljpp it seems safe mode is fine. If you add /?safe_mode=no_themes to the back of any topic, you should be able to see the quote.

Do you perhaps have something overriding the ability to show the quote button?

No, not that we are aware of. Seems unlikely too, as refreshing fixes the issue temporarily.

I don’t see this as often on iOS as on Android, but I’ve seen this happen several times on both OSes; both here on Meta and on the NaNoWriMo forums as well.

I also see it really rarely on a selt-hosted install that has no plugins or theme components. In fact the only customization it has is it defaults to using the WCAG Light color scheme as the default for the Default theme.

Interesting, any chance you can help figure out a step by step repro?

(visit page A quote, visit page B quote, visit page C quote - no longer works)

We can try. It happens very frequently, so active staff members bump to it several times a day. So far no idea what exact actions might trigger it.

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This is actually very easy. Simply navigate from the index page to a topic, and then again to the index page. Repeat 2-3x and Quote disappears.

But this is on our Tappara.co instance. Meta seems to be trickier.

I think I’ve seen a variation of this, but i don’t have solid repro steps.
In my case, the ability to highlight text at all seemingly randomly gets disabled, and I have to refresh to fix it.

My users said update 3.2.0.beta1-dev (cf42466dea) fixed that. But perhaps they don’t quote enough.


I may have a small lead on this particular one. Could it be when you’ve opened the Reactions menu on mobile and then click away (without selecting anything)? After that, it seems post text is unable to be highlighted.

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I just deployed your site @ljpp , it was last deployed 26 days ago, let me know if this resolves the issue!


That definitely seems to be the cause of my issue, wish I’d thought of reactions being the cause!

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Unfortunately this had no impact on ours.

BTW, the workaround is to paint the text and the hit Reply → painted text is quoted.

This bug is still present on my Android phone and Windows laptop.



I already tried to use safe mode, but with no luck.

Your forum uses the stable branch. So untill there is a new discourse release your forum won’t get that fix.


Hi @Moin, thanks for your reply! Does that mean there is a fix for this in the new release? When we can expect a new release?

The topic about the release of discourse 3.2 says

The fix, which was mentioned in the second post, will be included there. But there was a report that this fix did not help here.
The issue @JammyDodger described, which is related to the reactions plugin, is not fixed. But with this issue you cannot highlight text at all, so it is different from your issue.

So all in all the issue was fixed for some sites. Even if there is another fix, you won’t know whether your bug was fixed untill december, because you at the stable branch you only get security fixes between releases. That’s the advantage of tests-passed you can update directly after a fix is there.