Rebuild hangs on bootstrap error with last update


Today I decided to update from beta 7 to beta 9 but my installation needed discourse to be up to date so I made a git pull et rebuild my app.
The thing is my app can’t boostrap anymore and it ends with this error

I, [2017-08-22T09:32:48.048273 #15]  INFO -- : Terminating async processes
I, [2017-08-22T09:32:48.048316 #15]  INFO -- : Sending INT to HOME=/var/lib/postgresql USER=postgres exec chpst -u postgres:postgres:ssl-cert -U postgres:postgres:ssl-cert /usr/lib/postgresql/9.5/bin/postmaster -D /etc/postgresql/9.5/main pid: 44
I, [2017-08-22T09:32:48.048364 #15]  INFO -- : Sending TERM to exec chpst -u redis -U redis /usr/bin/redis-server /etc/redis/redis.conf pid: 157
2017-08-22 09:32:48.048 UTC [44] LOG:  received fast shutdown request
2017-08-22 09:32:48.048 UTC [44] LOG:  aborting any active transactions
2017-08-22 09:32:48.048 UTC [51] LOG:  autovacuum launcher shutting down
157:signal-handler (1503394368) Received SIGTERM scheduling shutdown...
2017-08-22 09:32:48.051 UTC [48] LOG:  shutting down
157:M 22 Aug 09:32:48.141 # User requested shutdown...
157:M 22 Aug 09:32:48.141 * Saving the final RDB snapshot before exiting.
2017-08-22 09:32:48.573 UTC [48] LOG:  database system is shut down
157:M 22 Aug 09:32:49.143 * DB saved on disk
157:M 22 Aug 09:32:49.143 # Redis is now ready to exit, bye bye...

Pups::ExecError: cd /var/www/discourse && su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake db:migrate' failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 427 exit 1>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:108:in `spawn'
exec failed with the params {"cd"=>"$home", "hook"=>"bundle_exec", "cmd"=>["su discourse -c 'bundle install --deployment --verbose --without test --without development'", "su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake db:migrate'", "su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake assets:precompile'"]}
** FAILED TO BOOTSTRAP ** please scroll up and look for earlier error messages, there may be more than one

I rebuilt my app last month and there where no problem.

Please scroll up and look for the error message, it might be quite a lot higher.

What plugins do you have installed?


Your comment made me realize that I installed the signatures plugin. I just deactivated it, rebuild app and reactivated it.
It works.