Version 2.9.0.beta14 - Forum's home won't load on mobile

The forum was working properly while using 2.9.0.beta13, but 2.9.0.beta14 made it completely unstable (pages stop loading at random, and the most affected one is /).

For some reason, we managed to alleviate the issue on desktop by redirecting / to /latest, but that didn’t help on mobile.

While I would like for the forum to be stable all around, having the home page load more times than it fails would be a much welcome improvement, given that downgrading Discourse is not an option (according to the few info I could gather about it).

I’ve checked all logs and see nothing relevant but, just in case, these 2 types of errors show up quite a lot:

[error] 59#59: *952511 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading upstream, client:, server: _, request: "POST /message-bus/0ce158868fc742cb89a12a1bc2c10938/poll HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", host: "", referrer: ""

[error] 66#66: *118561 open() "/var/www/discourse/public/assets/plugins/docker_manager-6b3d0da7c0ffa4f973057a4e0c257f7ffe699c594ffa1376f61113b688267522.js" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: _, request: "GET /assets/plugins/docker_manager-6b3d0da7c0ffa4f973057a4e0c257f7ffe699c594ffa1376f61113b688267522.js HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""

Is anyone else aware of this issue? Does anyone have a possible fix for me to try? I appreciate any help and suggestions.

Short answer: no…

It would help if you shared the actual hostname of your forum.


Are you using any non standard plugins?b is it a standard install?

And unless your forum is one you want people not to find, sharing the url could help get an answer.


I have the same randomly ”forever loading” problem on mobile devices with THIS main ( meta dot Discourse dot org ) support forum and our ( gramps dot discourse dot group ) hosted site. It does NOT get stuck in a loop with desktop systems.

The Loading loop gives NO feedback of what it is actually doing. Maybe there could be a timeout feature that says ”still trying to to load xxxx”

There are a LOT of ”Loading” related posts on this forum… WAY too many to peruse. (Maybe you can develop an administrative tool to link duplicate issue postings & set a Preferred answer… with a collation in the search results. e.g., ”207 duplicate threads linked to the solution of ”forever loading” found for your search term ”loading” )

One that looked promising was a DNS failure that resolves when clearing cache & cookies. Although why mobile would suffer a DNS failure the doesn’t affect desktop is confusing. Since the ”forever loading” failure is random, maybe the DNS was just a convenient scapegoat?

I have experienced this too and put it down to cell data transfer rate being slower the usual fibre connection, but possibly not. :thinking:

Seems unlikely since the cell & the laptop are connecting via the same WiFi network, or when the laptop is tethered via USB and using cellular data as a hotspot.

The behavior is the same… Firefox on the laptop has no problem… it has the the ”loading” screen for about a count of 4 seconds. Firefox on the mobile is stuck permanently ”loading” more frequently than not.

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Yea, in case it wasn’t clear. I am agreeing with you that it looks more like a bug but at first I thought it was local bandwidth oddities my end but did not experience enough feedback to notice it might be a bug until I read your exact same experience.

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hey @RGJ @pfaffman this is not loading on mobile new-forum dot makerdao dot com

None of these versions load with just seeing the coloured dots - beta10, beta12 and beta14

None of custom plugins are enabled

I must admit I am pretty lost on this one.

The only things I can think of is

  • that this would be a material design theme issue, but OTOH ?safe_mode=no_themes,no_plugins&mobile_view=1 does not work either. Then again, I do see some material design things loading.
  • try to disable everything Google Analytics / Google Tag manager related

Richard is it possible to import the DB dump plus all the users, uploads, any other required files etc. without the settings? Any tips on doing this or directories that we must copy? Opposed to restoring everything at once from a backup. We will then enable all the settings one by one.

No, that is not possible.

Some of my users in my discourse are also stuck in the same loading screen regardless of the device type or what page they are trying to access after upgrading to beta 14 today.

I can access to my discourse fine on my PC, but not on two of my mobile tho (stuck at the loading screen with the dots flashing). I am not sure what causes it…

If anyone here has a 100% reproducible “stuck on mobile” we need the exact version of the browser posted here. (down to the exact version of the OS and Firefox/Chrome etc.) it is possible there is some JS change that causes this and we are not properly detecting and out-of-date browser.

Hi all, this seems to be fixed with the latest version 2.9.0.beta14 - 5aaaf26636.

We also had to take Cloudflare proxying out of the mix (potentially due to caching or some redirecting?) as that was the last difference between the working clone and the problematic one.

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I looked at the issue that @eskp was having yesterday and I could reproduce it in latest Firefox (107.0.1) on desktop and latest Chrome(108.0.5359.94) on desktop with mobile_view=1 on Windows. Console was completely pristine, not a single warning or error. No signs of Cloudflare interfering either with rocket loader or anything like that although it could have been a caching issue.


Were the Cloudflare performance features disabled?

Only brotli compression was enabled. Well, I say ‘only’ referring to the fact that the only other performance features I can think of are the suggested “minifications”, and those were disabled from the beginning… If you are referring to other features, please let us know so we can check.