Removing personal messages from posts.rss

  1. When I type http://my_site/posts.rss I see lot of “welcome” msg (the other admin change the settings on the panel admin to send it, insteed of @system) that are very annoying.

  2. A user have a private conversation with a member of our team. This user click (by mistake) on “add user” adding the other admin on this PM and in posts.rss I can see this PM now.

I don’t know if this is a correct behaviour, by the way it’s confusing me. I wanna read posts nor our welcome messages, but especially not private ones.

Are you logged in as you? Try retrieving that RSS URL as an anonymous user.

Yep, like anonymous I see posts without PM.

The problem is that, in this way I have to login and logout a zillion time every day.

IMO it would be better if posts.rss never shows PM, even if I’m an admin. For those special messages I can see notifications (green bubble) and receive email.

Sure that makes sense can we look into that change @techAPJ


No you don’t, you can run 2 browsers or view anonymously from a private tab.

Some prefer to use their RSS reader to watch for those notifications, especially when mobile, so I hope your suggestion becomes a user- (or admin-) configurable option rather than hard-coded to inconvenience those of us who like the current approach.

I kind of disagree with you on this, it’s weird for a “public” stream of posts to mix in PMs, just because you passed in user credentials with the request.

Perhaps two independent RSS feeds would be a better solution.


Sure, if PM is for you. The problem is that I see PMs that are not for me.

Totally agreed. :thumbsup:

Welcome to the Club of People Facing a One Size Fits All Proposals.

Okay, we now have two two independent RSS feeds for public and private posts.


Private (messages):