Renaming Discourse Upvotes [Post Voting]

We already have Discourse Topic Voting, I have to say, if you’re renaming the Question Answer plugin to Discourse Upvotes, it’s going to be absolutely impossible to remember which name refers to which plugin. That’ll negatively impact just about every discussion about either of them. :neutral_face:

edit: What do you think of Discourse Answers ? The other plugin was the first to the near-identical name, and that plugin is all about being able to, well, vote on things. This one feels like it’s primarily about giving answers rather than giving votes. If one should be renamed (and I think one should), I feel like it’s this one.

edit 2: Another reason this name sucks is that the two plugins with near-identical names feel like they’ve switched names. “Upvotes” allows downvotes; “Voting” does not. :confused:

Just to be clear: I’m not suggesting that Upvotes and Voting switch names as taking an existing plugin’s name and giving it to another plugin would be massively confusing. I just think this one needs to be called, well, just about anything else.


Yep, we’re in a bit of a pickle with naming right now.

Please note:

We considered “answers” but we’ve had folks request a plugin like this also for doing things like AMAs within a topic (where we expect the replies being upvoted are really “questions”).

In any case, we’re sorting through the best path forward here, taking into consideration both the conflicting names and the overlapping functionality of existing plugins.


Thank you for the response. :slight_smile:

It’s not my call, but is that allowing perfect to be the enemy of good? My understanding is that AMAs began on Reddit @ where they use comment sorting called Q&A. If it’s already the established terminology at the source, surely it’s ‘good enough’ elsewhere?

If your argument is that the AMA folks might find a name like “Answers”, “Q&A”, or the like confusing (if not I didn’t understand your point, I guess, sorry) does that mean you’re implicitly arguing that they would find the name Upvotes to be more intuitive? I really struggle to believe that’s correct. It certainly wouldn’t be amongst Redditors, which leaves me wondering who it is you’re catering towards.


In an ideal world the two would be merged, no?

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You mean Voting and this one?

I feel like they’ve two fairly different goals in mind. Are you thinking a merged plugin would allow you to vote on threads à la posts in this plugin, or retain Voting’s existing functionality?

I would expect this one to allow you to vote with either no restriction at all, or very generous limits.

That you’ve a limited number of votes in Voting and need to think carefully about where to spend them gives rise to an experience I’d be sorry to lose. As a former Community Manager in the games industry, time was sometimes a zero-sum game for the team, and having our Feedback and Suggestions category use Voting gave the community a chance to help shape our priorities. Whereas on Reddit the community might upvote every suggestion - “we might as well have this, even if I don’t personally want or need it” - with this plugin, people could advocate for some work being prioritised.

tl;dr: One of these reminds me of Stack Overflow or Reddit. The other, UserVoice.


Let’s just call them topic-voting (voting plugin) and answer-voting (this one) ?

And yes, an easy way to switch between those formats would be nice indeed.

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If the Pavilion plugin has been deprecated and is being phased out, in lieu of this plugin, would it make sense to call this one the Q&A or Question-Answer plugin? Or maybe that would be confusing to those who are still using that one? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It was, until recently, called discourse-question-answer but is now caught in a rename holding pattern. :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully shouldn’t be in this state for too much longer. :crossed_fingers:


The wait is over, and the plugin has been renamed to… :drum: :drum: :drum:

:tada: Discourse Post Voting :tada:

Thanks everyone for your feedback. :slight_smile: :+1: