Renaming OpenID button text. and redirecting to OpenID provider when logging in

Thanks for this plugin. I’m getting it configured, and I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to change the name of the provider from “OpenID Connect” to a name that is indicative of my authentication provider?
  2. Is it possible to force users to use the OpenID Connect provider and eliminate the ability to create a user with username/password? Our goal is to only allow users that already have an account with our identity provider to use our Discourse instance.
  3. If #2 is true, is it possible to circumvent this screen/modal altogether and immediately redirect to the configured OpenID Connect provider when “Log In” is clicked?

I answered #2 myself. It looks like you can disable “local logins” (i.e. username/password) in the settings:


At the openid connect enabled setting, the text says ... Customize user interface text here and the link is /admin/customize/site_texts?q=js.login.oidc


#3 happens automatically when you disable local logins.

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