Reply not saving

Here’s a very odd one that only one of my users is seeing. Eugene creates a reply, it shows up for a moment, but as greyed out. A couple seconds later the reply disappears. There is nothing in the logs when this happens.


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Hi David!

Can they have a look at the JS console in your browser’s developer tools to see if there’s any error message, or try using the incognito mode or another browser?

Does it happen to a single user?

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Can they try another browser or an incognito window? Sounds like an extension is breaking something.


Thanks, I just tried impersonating the user and I couldn’t repro, so it has to be something in their browser. I just requested he try a few more things and will update.


Here is the response from him:

Before I even hit reply, the tool returned the following error:

After I hit reply and the message is greyed out it returns this:

After refresh/message disappears, it’s the following:

As said elsewhere