Send unhandled flag emails to all staff

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I would like to suggest that the email regarding unhandled flags should go to the moderators group, thus emailing all moderators and admins. Sometimes the contact email might be an admin who only handles the back end of the site, or someone who works 9-5, and thus is of no help when a flag is unhandled at outside of those hours.

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There was a proposal to change this to a group message to all @staff which I support.


It’s done! A group message will be sent to @staff instead of sending an email to contact email.


How do I get email notifications from these group messages to staff?

Set your tracking level to watching :wink:


Hmm, we have just tested this and it seems that groups message is sent to moderators, not staff…

Note that settings still mention that the message goes to staff. So either this text should be updated or the messages should be sent to staff.

Hmm, @neil said above that it goes to the @staff group.

Yes, that’s why I am confused. Here’s a screenshot.

There is one more weird thing. There are three users explicitly @mentioned in that post. However, we actually have 4 moderators. What’s up with that?

btw: I am not saying that it’s a bad thing that it goes only to mods and not admins…

It picks three that were recently seen. We have a large moderator staff and it is pretty good at picking who is currently available/around.


Aha this is a little bit of @neil magic :mage::sparkles: that we arrived at when trying to contact our own customers :wink:


Hmm, it definitely goes to the moderators group and I remember doing it that way. It must have been changed since Feb 2016.

As per @codinghorror comment in a different thread:

So I guess all that needs to be done is to correct the description of notify about flags after site setting (staff :arrow_right: moderators)


Sure @jomaxro can you add that to your list?

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