Setting to disable pin/unpin messages?

This is a feature request for a setting allowing us to disable the automatic pin/unpin messages that appear when pinning/unpinning topics (as described in this topic: Order of pinned topics and deleting pin messages


(half serious, half sarcastic) There is one, you go back and delete the messages :smile:


Yeah, my content team is getting a bit tired of doing that. But this is indeed a workaround.

Yeah, I vote for this, too. :+1:

Yes yes yes. Please? :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in hearing some more about the background to why this exists at all - seems to me to be a throwback to older generation forum systems. People who are familiar with them will like and be familiar with them, others coming from mailing lists or other backgrounds will find them distracting. I don’t care personally but do have to roll out discourse across a global community who come from various backgrounds and worry a bit about having to explain arcane stuff like this.

My guess is that this is about transparency - it’s good to have a record of who’s doing what and when to avoid confusion and disputes. If that’s the case then deleting the post is counter productive. Maybe a cleaner approach would be to keep this historical info about what’s happening to topics not in follow-up posts but in a simple log available somewhere else, e.g. in the summary following the first post in the topic.


This is intentional and by design – otherwise there is zero historical record of who closed / pinned the topic.

These messages can be deleted of course.

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As long as it has the “remain pinned until unpinned by you” message I think it’s important to have that show. Else members are more likely to not be aware of the fact that they can unpin a topic and that could cause them some annoyance.

To me, it’s not any less important as showing other “staff action” posts to clue members in to what state a topic is in.

True, the “now closed” “now open” and ilk cancel each other out and so they become moot.
Deleting those “automagically” might be more work coding in than it’s worth and as long as they can be deleted it isn’t that much of a concern IMHO

+1. The pin/unpin posts consume a lot of vertical space and their value to a regular member or a guest reader is zero. How about showing them only for staff ranked members?

There was some talk of a more condensed style for those messages, which I think is a better long term solution.