Show open topics always at the top

I’m not sure how bugs get reported and get archived here in meta. I know that in my forum, it’s a bit tough to sort the the closed topics from the open ones. I can’t seem to find a way sort it so that the open topics are always on the top.

Can’t we by default just show the open topics at the top? This is different from pinning.

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So no one? No one knows to simply sort and put closed topics at the bottom of a category and have active open topics at the top?

You can do it with advanced search.

I was hoping for an option where I can sort it by default. I don’t want users to have to use the advanced search just to find the non-closed topics. Closed topics are closed so they can’t reply to them. It makes sense for active and non-closed topics to be on top in the default “Latest” topics.

Just a thought, but if this is really important to you and you have a budget, consider starting a topic in the #marketplace.

I’ve started stuff in the marketplace already for things I want. I just thought this is something logical and useful for anyone so I asked in support first to know if it’s already possible in Discourse.

You can filter topics with theme component. But it will work only category and tags page.

Maybe alternatively you can try to hide closed topics from latest with css. The closed topics contains closed class. So you can hide easily. But these are just filter options so not sorting topics…


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