Social Share Component

the qzshare and weibo icons doesn’t display.
I use qq and weibo fontawsome

I am trying to add LinkedIn using this but not getting any new share icons, no browser console errors:

LinkedIn, linkedin, Share to LinkedIn,


You should use fab-linkedin for the icon, for both settings

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Ahh that did it! Thanks. FontAwesome is less awesome with those class changes.

The distinction can be nice for some icons like comments

It has the same name, but not the same prefix. It’s easier to use now

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I’ve installed this theme-component like this:

Then set up some social shares as described in this thread:

(tested with fa-certificate just to make sure the icon was available)

But when I try to share:


What am I missing?

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I also have another little one here

@cogdog Could you please share the exact strings you used to get the LinkedIn sharing to work?

In the Component Settings:

social share links: LinkedIn, fab-linkedin, Share to LinkedIn,

svg-icons: fab-linkedin

I think I had to do force-refresh in the browser to nudge it.


Did you manage to get this component working ?
I am unable to get any share button on my instance.


Apologies for spamming, but looks like this component won’t work on closed sites ( login required admin /settings ).
Is this blocked in compnet so I can make my clone without restriction or component is blocked by discourse ?
I think that viber , and other similar sharing should not be restricted for closed (private) instances.

It makes sense, unregistered users can’t see anything, not even topic titles so it can’t be shared on social medias. It is a protection from the forum not the component.

It’s best to play with categories permissions to be able to share topics on social medias instead of blocking the whole forum.

We was using share links for many other things like opening tickets, tracking spende hours, referencing many others systems.
I do not see point to block administrators to do something with discource.
Discourse is used for lot of more things than just community site.

This is not a block set in the component but directly in the Discourse core.

The reasons are explained perfectly by @Steven



For some reason I am seeing each share icon twice.

Following is the configuration I have done. Cant figure out what the problem is.


You can delete twitter and facebook in the theme component, they’re already available on discourse base



Thanks that helps. I can now see only 1 set of icons

Hello people! Hope you all are doing well! I wanted to know that using this plugin can we modify the content when the user tries to share any topic. For example - when user wants to share a topic on twitter can we add our user name to the tweet?

Will there ever be support for Discord and Steam?

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I had the same thing because I use Brave Browser and I had on my settings disabled the display of login buttons from social… which logically ghosted me the share buttons as well.
Disable them or go with another browser, they appeared as they should for me ! :wink:

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