Staff email exposure on User Profiles

Is there a ‘corporate’ public-facing mode in which all staff emails are shown on User Profiles, but non-staff emails are hidden?

If not, is there a reason why this has not been in demand?

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No, there aren’t any settings that would expose account email addresses to normal users.

A lot of the time in corporate environments they’re integrating with an existing SSO system, so exposing public email addresses, phone numbers, etc is easy to do with custom fields… I imagine that covers most of the demand for this kind of thing.

While it doesn’t involve showing an email address, I recall multiple requests to allow normal users to PM staff even when other PMs are disabled, and there’s a defunct plugin that used to enable this: Kinder Guardian - let New members message Staff


That’s a good suggestion, thanks!

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I think @pfaffman has an updated one here:


oh excellent! I’ve just closed the old kinder guardian topic and added a link to the new one.


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