Kinder Guardian - let New members message Staff

Without this plugin, New members can only contact Staff by email or by replying to their Welcome message
This plugin allows them to message Staff from either

  • the Staff members User Card, or
  • the Staff members Profile page.

It does not

  • let them send messages to non-Staff members.
  • display the Flag icon or it’s option to send a message from its modal.
  • let them send messages from their own Profile page.
  • let them send messages if the site has them disabled

This is really nice to have – thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I think this feature would also fit nicely into core, hidden behind a site setting.


I think this is fine as a site setting if you want to do a PR @Mittineague


@Mittineague, does this allow messages to @moderators, @admins, or @staff if enabled via group settings?

I am also curious as to why this is not allowed:

Why is a user allowed to click on my avatar and click message on my User Card, but can’t send a message directly to me from their profile?

In it’s present form it is only a very simple plugin.

It replaces the Guardian class can_send_private_message method with one that has a modified conditional testing for target.staff?

Feel free to fork or make a PR if you would like.
PRs are more than welcome.

- But - as Sam has said it would be acceptable to make this a Site Setting PR to Core, that is where I’ll be focusing my efforts at developing this further rather than to make it into a more complex plugin…


Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to fork/PR this plugin. Perhaps once it is in Core as a site setting, @sam would be open expanding it a bit.

I’m pretty sure this may be a plugin issue. Although I went into safe mode and disabled all unofficial plugins and everything, yet the issue persists. Discourse is updated to the latest