Staging site: turn off emails all current non-admin users but allow new registrations?

I have a staging Discourse site, with all the users from the live site, and I have all emails turned off for non-admins. BUT that means I can’t create new users on this staging site, since that requires confirmation emails being sent to the new user, who is not yet an admin. How do I permanently disable email sends (replies, notifications etc) for all non-admin users, but still allow registration emails to be sent for new test users?

I find the easiest thing to do is manually activate test users from their /admin/users page unless I’m deliberately testing the activation email flow, etc:


For test users I do as Jam suggests. I create new account and enter a bogus email address. Manually activate user and either goto preferences as admin or login the test user and turn off email being sent for that test user

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Thanks, that worked perfectly for new registrations.