Supported formats / sizes for Group Flair URL?

First post - so apologies and requests for guidance if this post could be improved.

Simple question, but I can’t find any docs anywhere. I’ve started a new Discourse instance and would like for users to be able to design their own flair. What are valid formats and sizes for that?

From an API point of view, what are valid targets for primary_group_flair_url in a Group?

I am currently using font-awesome there and it works fine, but I had to do some searching to know to prefix the class name with “fa-”. If you’re searching the Font Awesome site, classes don’t start with “fa”. So, if you’re doing any small doc / tooltip updates there, you could add that too! Or tell me stuff and direct me to where I might submit a pull request (e.g., approximately which file in the code base).

Thank you for your work on this excellent tool!

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For images: your best bet is to use a square image, 32x32 or 64x64 should be sufficient. It can be any image format that can be displayed as a background image.

For the FontAwesome icons: we are currently updating our FontAwesome library from 4.7 to 5 (more details here), and I will also add instructions as per below (this won’t be in master right away though):