Tag explanation - feature request

For one of the forums I’m administering, it would also be useful for tags to have tag descriptions (which, in my mind would be available as a tool tip on mouser-over on desktop) because we have a tag for each command that the program takes via the CLI, such as set. Since it is not immediately obvious why a post would be tagged #set, it would be nice if people could find out.

Having said that my preference would be a fully fledged description field for each tag, here is an idea that might work at least in our case: all CLI commands are in the same tag group called “CLI commands” or so. If each tag group had an option

[ ] prepend tags from this group with _______

So if I’d enter “command” as a prepend string, the #set tag would be displayed as “command:set”

:thinking: Ah, well, no. It’s probably a lot better with a simple description field.


Just for completeness: another good use case for tag descriptions that can include links is as a place to point out to anonymous visitors that they can subscribe to the tag by RSS (in case they don’t want to sign up just yet …).

Technically RSS for tags works just fine (example), but without a place to point out that feature, users will hardly find it. Except for those with an RSS browser extension.


We do this with category descriptions and would love to do the same with tag-pages. For example, the Web Dev Teams will often need to access our Github, so adding:

Team Name
Tools: Github - Pictures of Happy Dogs - New Build Wireframe

Gives them a smoother experience

I would love to see tag descriptions as well. A combination of the description below the tag in /tags along with the description on the tag’s page as Dave posted above would be perfect. We use a few obscure tags that make sense to existing users, but new users struggle to understand. If I were to make the tag long enough to understand it would be unruly in the UI, but if I leave it the way it is, it ends up leading to time wasting questions about what the tag is for.

check this theme:

That just adds a banner, not a description. There is this component to add a tag description, but it’s a little painful to use if you want descriptions for a lot of tags, and I would prefer to have the description up top rather than on the side because it breaks the Topic List Preview plugin.

There are no plans for this, as tags are meant to be lightweight.

Was just looking for such a field on the Info button as well. At least a staff note would be helpful for some more generic tag names

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I’m using this component for that Discourse Tag Sidebars
Would love to have it in core, though.

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