🏷️ Tag List Widget (Layouts Plugin)

:eyeglasses: Overview

The Tag List Widget allows you to display tags from Discourse in a sidebar using Pavilion’s Custom Layouts Plugin. See the installation guide to learn how to install and administer this widget.

:link: Quick Links

:gear: Settings

The widget allows for some configurability with settings such as:

  • :see_no_evil: Hiding specific tags
  • :page_with_curl: Changing display styles (row or column)
  • :hash: Showing count
  • :bar_chart: Change sorting type

Install this widget


How’s mobiles? Normally something like 80 % or more are using mobiles and for them sidebars are useless. Will they see something or is this only for desktops and tablets?


@Jagster Yes this will work on mobile :grinning:

The Layouts Plugin can be configured to work on mobile. Here’s some more info from the documentation about how to set that up:


As our british friends say: splendid indeed :laughing:

Now I have to give a spin. My users are… not so tech savvy so they need all possible help and info.