Tags and spaces

Here in meta I can search by tag using spaces and it gives me results.

However, in my Discourse installation (v2.2.0.beta2 +5) this would give me no results. Instead, i would have to write ‘pr-welcome’.

Also, when adding tags to a topic, it gives me the option to create ‘example tag’ when ‘example-tag’ already exists.

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@nbianca improved this behaviour a few days ago, so you will need to update your installation to see the new behaviour (we always run the latest version here on meta). For reference, this was the change.

You are right, that behaviour exists on meta as well. Note that if you try and do this, it won’t actually work because the server validates the input before storing in the database. Once you refresh the page any duplicate tags will disappear.


This should now be fixed by


With @chipet92s’s example, the dropdown will now not provide the option to create a duplicate tag:

When the tag does not already exist, the “clean” version will now be displayed next to ‘create’:


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