Theme idea: Toggle selector for light or dark theme in header row

I was just at the Docker site and saw this on the right


It is obviously a theme selector for light or dark but it is so intuitive and simple I want it.

I don’t have time to do the theme but if someone wants to cut their teeth on a simple one and get noticed here is your chance. Would also look good on a resume.

Most of the work is already done. On our site with a Light and Dark theme already created the selection is there but is a few clicks away. It would be nicer near the top right or something; always at the ready. :grinning:


Daniela found exactly what I wanted, so no need to create this.

Great work Daniela. :grinning:

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We have already theme components to switch between light and dark mode


:white_check_mark: You hit the nail on the head.

How did you find this?

I have looked for many themes and never saw that one, if I had I would have snagged it on the spot.

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Using our powerful search function, Search results for 'theme dark light' - Discourse Meta



I did not know the tags could be used, i.e. #theme in #theme dark light