Thumbs-up - three names, one emoji

A client asked me to look at a configuration issue they were having, assuming that this was their fault. After a bit of digging I’ve realized it’s anything but. - the current “correct” way with reactions to swap :heart: for :thumbsup: requires it be referred to using three different identifiers.

Starting where they did with discourse reactions enabled reactions the :+1: is referred to as “+1”. Ok, that makes sense.

The next step, mapping :+1: to be counted as likes is a simple dropdown which pulls from the earlier list:

Select the entry for “+1” and it magically changes for “1”:

Finally, changing the icon requires setting discourse reactions like icon. Which of those two permutations is required? Is it +1? How about 1? Nope, both of those result in a missing icon. It’s “thumbs-up”:

Which means the final configuration to set one icon and put it at the top of the list looks like this:

What hope did they have? :exploding_head:


The icon is iirc a Font awesome icon…There is also a Theme component for changing like icon.

Sure I appreciate there are other approaches. That’s not really my point though.

The Heart is a Font Awesome. If you want Thumbs up you need to add Fontawesome icon to site icons and then use that in the Reactions plugin.

The icon is not emoji.

fa-thumbs-up I think is the icon your looking for.

The Theme-component also uses the same method to change the icon to another Fontawesome5 icon

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I grasp all of that- I’ve been configuring this stuff for years.

I think you’re missing my point entirely.

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At a guess your pointing out it is not intuitive and should state that you need a Fontawesome icon vs jist saying change icon.

So yes it could be made as clear as the Theme-component.

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:thinking: I think this cropped up the other day too, but may have been eaten by the topic timer. How could we make this easier, do you think?

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For one the drop down should replicate the name of the emoji correctly.

The other field needs to indicate what data it’s expecting.

If you have three fields which to the uninitiated refer to exactly the same thing, then it’s pretty reasonable to expect that they should be populated with exactly the same data. Aliasing the emojis or most common FontAwesome icons would be an easy way to achieve this for the bulk of cases. Directing them where to find the right names would be another.

The missing + in the drop-down is unfortunate because it just compounds the confusion.


I think it’s been suggested that adding in the icon-picker would be useful:

Though you may still fall foul of looking up +1 rather than thumbs-up, but it may at least give you a chance?


Absolutely- any of the regulars here know the inside baseball and secret handshakes to get this stuff working.

Getting real-world feedback from users who I usually consider to be technically adept suggests that anyone else is going to struggle with the current incarnation.


imho as this would likely be a pretty common customization. The Thumbs up should be offered as a default alternative to the Heart.


Choose Like Icon:

  • Heart
  • [_]Thumbs Up:
  • [_] Other: ___________ (Fontawesome Icon)
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Right, the requests go right back to 2013. In personal/community settings the heart is probably fine, but for any professional environment I’m usually asked to swap it for the :+1:.


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