Topic links from the “latest” topics list don’t always scroll to the last read post

Multiple users on my forum are getting the following behavior as described below by one of my site admins. Rather than the link directing them to the post where they last visited when they click the link to a topic in the latest topics list, they get sent to a seemingly arbitrary, already stale post far earlier in the topic conversation.

Can you reproduce it here on meta or

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I don’t think I can. It is happening from the topic list with topics that users have been reading. I haven’t visited recently enough to have a partially read topic in the list here or on the try sandbox that I can immediately click on.

EDIT: I visited a topic up until about midway ("Configuring Facebook login for Discourse, post 29). I then closed the browser and returned to meta’s latest section and clicked on the topic to resume reading. Sure enough, it directed me to post 30 in that thread. So it’s not reproducing here, at least in a short-term test in the manner I just performed in the matter of a minute.

Could you try safe mode on your site to check if it’s a theme component or plugin interfering?

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Will do. I should have a response back in the day or so.

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Thanks for standing by. The error is not reproducible in safe mode, so that rules out Discourse itself. Among the several dozen plugins and theme components, I will have to take the next step and go one by one and systematically rule out each. Issue resolved as far as Discourse itself is concerned.

@Hifihedgehog I hit the same bug in the past a few time. In 99% of cases the problem derived from the CSS of the themes or components rather than plugins.


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