Topic List Previews Theme Component

I have try that (add all categories), but just not working.

Probably a clash. Investigate this by creating a Theme with only this component and build back up. Refresh browser with each change or change of setting. It’s likely you are using it with something it is not compatible with. It is not compatible with the News Plugin, for example. Please choose either one but not both.

Sorry about that but I do have the news plugin. Can this clash be fixed in the future? Both of them are important for me.

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No plans at present. There is no incentive nor funding to do this.

It seems it will oversize for some wired reason.

Do you get the same/similar issue with: Topic List Excerpts Theme Component - theme - Discourse Meta? (Run separately in a different theme, not together!)

I cannot reach your site.

I discover why it happen. It’s because there is a post, its content is a link, to show the link in full, then this component make it oversize.

So it works fine with the other component I linked? Please confirm.

I don’t believe this Component is at fault.

In any case I’ve already provided a solution:

Can I achieve something like this through the #theme-component?


Yes, you’d have to:

  • modify the maximum width of the standard topic list using CSS

    .wrap {
      max-width: 2000px;
  • install something like the Layouts plugin to add the sidebars (but should work with other sidebar Components).

All relatively straightforward

However I’m not sure > 3 columns is very digestible and that includes sidebars?

Yeah, I’ll probably have to scale it down a little… :thinking:

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi @merefield
If you know - how can I disable images in topic excepts?
Here is an example of the issue that I have -

I put a mouse on the image in except (it shows blank).
I want to remove it completely to keep only text in short form under topic - as I already have a big picture as thumbnail

How is it better to do it?

The contents of excerpts is down to Discourse.

This behaviour is a little surprising because images are usually not included?

Can you link me to the forum post and I might be able to take a quick look? (feel free to PM me).

For comparison, this Topic has an image, but it is not included in the excerpt: List of Gameloops (WIP) - StarZen: The Unofficial Star Citizen Community


Just guessing, but could that image-in-excerp situation come from webshop linking? Then Discourse shall see a piece of content that includes image too.


Thank you for the proposition @merefield
I’ve found that excerpts work correctly when not in titles.
The issue was in “display: grid;” style.
Probably it’s from my other theme components. Will investigate further.

Thanks again!

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The “image” was an avatar broken visually :slight_smile: My fault with styles - I’ve described what it was in previous comment. Thanks for the guessing!

It seems you have the theme sidecar plugin installed.

Could you try with this setting on (in plugin settings):


I just tried with an emoticon in the text and there’s definitely a nice cleanup if you use this setting.


Nope, I don’t use sidebar plugin.
Here is my general page view. It will be launched publicly soon.

Excerpts in tiles look ok with this CSS

.tiles-style .topic-details {
 display: block !important;   


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Looks good! Nice background :+1:

Note I said ‘sidecar’ plugin :slight_smile:

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Ah, sorry - I totally forgot about ‘sidecar’ plugin
- git clone -b "theme_sidecar"

Thanks! Will try with it too. Cheers!

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