Topic List Previews Theme Component

That’s the inspector not the console.

Oh sorry, this is console:

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

That’s very curious. I cannot presently reproduce. I’d be interested to hear of other reports of the same.

(I don’t think your warning is relevant btw).

@ddf I think I may have repro’d it, apologies. I was using the beta branch.

Could you use the beta branch of the Component and confirm it works? (It’s an advanced option when you install the Component, just enter beta in the branch option.

I’ll investigate the difference …

I’ve merged the differences and now master branch works, sorry for confusion.

All you need to do is update your existing component, no beta branch test necessary.

Please confirm it’s fixed and let me know of any other issues.

Thanks for you patience!

UPDATE: Hmmm … there’s still a related bug (click on home and they disappear) … I’ll look to improve that.


After update to lastest version, error is gone!

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How to enable the action buttons? I keep topic list actions topic lists as default and add a tag name to topic list actions tags, it doesn’t seem to work when I check the tag.

Have you installed the “sidecar plugin”? This is required: Which one to install: Plugin or TC? - Topic Previews - Pavilion

Is discourse theme category using this component?

I think that’s Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component


Similar but no. Topic List Previews was the original thumbnail preview plugin.

These are Theme Components so very easy to test. Go ahead and try them!


yes this one, thank u

I’ve improved this further by removing and simplifying a lot of apparently over-complex redundant code to render the default image, should work better now.

Note currently on beta branch:

IMPROVE: remove over-complex (?) default image logic by merefield · Pull Request #15 · merefield/discourse-topic-list-previews-theme (

I will merge this soon unless I find a reason why the code was so complex in the first place!

I also want to add another improvement to beta before merging.

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I’ve also improved the Portfolio button appearance to make it consistent with the Message button:


This button is also enabled on mobile now, which was really silly because the Portfolio feature (basically a user wall) has been functional on mobile for a long time.

Sorry, that’s long long overdue! (but PR was always welcome!!)

This is still on beta, will merge soon.

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IMPROVE: remove over-complex (?) default image logic by merefield · Pull Request #15 · merefield/discourse-topic-list-previews-theme ( is merged

  • remove unnecessary deferred default image rendering for topic list
  • fix Portfolio button formatting

I’m trying this awesome theme component. However, I had to search for a bit to find what was and how to install the sidecar plugin.

It could be useful to have a link to the repo either in the first post or in the topic list previews component settings.

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That’s detailed at the second link in the OP but I could add that detail here. Also the title of the second link is a bit out of date now.

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Yeah, I didn’t click the second link at first because the beginning of the post specifically said that the plugin was outdated.

I’m exploring the theme component and the actions related to the sidecar plugin.
It would be cool to have an option to hide the possible actions, though this is a one-line CSS.

Another suggestion.
I noticed that the heart, when there are no added likes, is not aligned to the left with the excerpt:

It’ s because of the <span class="like-count"></span> that has a margin-right: 7px, whether the span is empty or not.

Hence I added this CSS rule:

html:not(.tile-style) .topic-actions .like-count:empty {
    margin-right: 0;

So if there are no likes, the heart is properly aligned with the excerpt:

That’s a small change, but I like details. :smile:
Should I do a PR for this?


Collaboration to clean-up and make more consistent the non-tiles view especially would be very welcome, thanks @Canapin as that doesn’t get as much attention.


I noticed things when trying your theme component and I have two questions.

  1. First, I had the “read more” in the excerpt, but it wasn’t colored as a link, it had the same color as regular text. Any idea why?

Then after installing the sidecar plugin, the “read more” text was simply gone because of the topic list excerpt remove links option checked by default.

I understand this option refers to:

  • Suppresses links in excerpts to make them look a lot better (long links in excerpts in Discourse can mess with the layout)

But the “read more” link should be appreciated (I’d need to compare how it looks with a bunch of topics though…).

  1. Is there any straightforward way to remove links from excerpts, but keep the “read more” and show it with the base link color?