Topic List Sort By Votes in voting plugin

Any idea for when the plugin API will offer the functionality to let sorting by votes be included in the plugin?

Hoping “soon” is soon. :smiley:

I have added the required plugin API in discourse#7158 and used it in discourse-voting#38.

Sorry for taking me so long. :cry:


This is awesome, sorting by votes is now an option, but is there any way to make it a category default through the plugin per OP?

The Wyze Wishlist appears to sort by votes by default, but I’ve not had time to dig through their page to see if they’re using another method.

With the voting plugin installed these are the two available options:


Did I miss a step?

You can add the option like this

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8.25">
  api.modifyClass('component:edit-category-settings', {
    availableViews: Ember.computed(function() {
      let views = this._super();
      let voteView = {};
      voteView["name"] = "Votes";
      voteView["value"] = "votes";
      return views;

Seems like it would be a nice option to include in the plugin.


Thanks, that gets most of the way.

For some reason items in the extra-nav-item-outlet apply the active class to the list item rather than the link, so ‘Votes’ isn’t shown as active. Is that intentional?

I’ve created a CSS workaround for now, styling both .nav-pills> a and .nav-pills>li

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