Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component

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What about posting without pictures but with a link to youtube or TED? Will it take a thumbnails from videos?

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For YouTube, yes. For other video embeds, not at the moment.


I tried to put in the first post of the topic a link to youtube video like this:

but thumbnail didn’t created. After that I added an image to the post and thumbnail was created.
So there is a problem with youtube links.

Let me see if I can address this.

The following is irrespective of this Theme Component.

The thumbnails are only created when the image file is local.

With YouTube embed there is a delay before the remote image (hosted on YouTubes servers) is first uploaded to the Discourse server in a sidekiq job.

Only then can a follow-up process pick up the uploaded image and create the thumbnails.

This is necessarily asynchronous and it’s designed to protect the user experience and the server load.

It is possible you simply did not wait long enough for all this to happen.

Can I suggest you try it again and wait a few minutes? (And then refresh the topic list)


I tested it about 6 hours ago, left the link in the post. No thumbnail generated.

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There is some filtering employed. The filter might have discarded it for not meeting the criteria. Try another video.

I will say that I’ve had countless YouTube thumbnails created on my sites now.

I’m assuming the post is a new one and not old?


Tried with an old one. But now did it with a new post. Waited for 10 minutes - no thumbnail.
What should I check?

Are you running the latest tests-passed version of Discourse? The YouTube issue was fixed recently


It’s working now. I’ve upgrated Discourse. Thank you! Excellent work!


Hey, David, I’ve enabled the component and so far, it’s working great!

However, it misses RTL support. Can you add it, please? It should be just a matter of CSS.

Like for example, the list view, this would be likely enough:

.rtl .topic-thumbnails-list,
.rtl .topic-thumbnails-grid,
.rtl .topic-thumbnails-masonry {
  .topic-list-thumbnail {
    float: right;
    margin-left: 10px;



We can change picture this or not.


It’s an SVG icon you can change in the theme settings



Ok thank you very mush.

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No need to edit the json - this theme setting ends in _icon, so any selection made will be automatically loaded (As long as it exists in the font-awesome free pack)


Oh apologies. That’s a nice feature! Edited my post.

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I enabled a “Masonry” style. Is it possible to show a number of comments at the bottom of every preview?

Hi David, I’ve found that topics created with the wordpress plugin do not have thumbnails, (see this category), I’m guessing it’s related to this and having download remote images to local turned on.

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Lovely component!

I would like to see two things, if possible in future updates:

  1. Possibility for us to upload placeholder image if first post doesn’t have image. Current Font Awesome solution is nice, but it would be cool if that can be altered the way I proposed or if we can choose colors for icon and background (even upload our own icon).

  2. An option for thumbnail size (for list thumbnail mode). Default one is taking too much space, and I made it 90x64 for my forum and looks great. I know after component update I will need to do this again, but having this as option will greatly improve usability of the component.


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Agreed, lovely component, thank you @david :pray:

I would like to suggest single column view (incl. compatibility with Topic list excerpts) for use with themes/plugins (Fakebook/Layouts) that make use of sidebars on either or both sides.

Thank you for considering.

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