Topic subject letter's case not editable

(fearlessfrog) #1


We’re on 1.8.0.beta12 and have noticed an odd thing with not being able to edit topics to be able to change the case of the subject:


a. We spot a topic subject that someone asks us to update because it’s in lower case:

b. I’ll go in an update it (pilots are really into their letter casing being correct :slight_smile: )

c. It doesn’t take, as in doesn’t seem to edit:

Not sure if a bug or just a misunderstanding. It just seems like an issue on editing and not creating new topics. We’ve also tried doing things like adding a character like ‘-’ on the end to force a change, but it still always reverts back to how it was.

Thanks for any help.

(fearlessfrog) #2

In Chrome console the PUT seems to go through ok (cookie/CSRF blanked):

Response with 200:

{“basic_topic”:{“id”:1742,“title”:“VEAO p-40f”,“fancy_title”:“VEAO p-40f”,“slug”:“veao-p-40f”,“posts_count”:36,“category_id”:7}}

(Jeff Wong) #3

You want the “title prettify” site setting.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Turn off title prettify in site settings

(fearlessfrog) #5

Thank you! F/A-18C here we come!

I’m now more worried that I couldn’t think of the word ‘capitalization’ that would have led me to that search result :slight_smile:

EDIT: We also needed ‘allow uppercase posts’ to be enabled as well: