Topic subject letter's case not editable


We’re on 1.8.0.beta12 and have noticed an odd thing with not being able to edit topics to be able to change the case of the subject:


a. We spot a topic subject that someone asks us to update because it’s in lower case:

b. I’ll go in an update it (pilots are really into their letter casing being correct :slight_smile: )

c. It doesn’t take, as in doesn’t seem to edit:

Not sure if a bug or just a misunderstanding. It just seems like an issue on editing and not creating new topics. We’ve also tried doing things like adding a character like ‘-’ on the end to force a change, but it still always reverts back to how it was.

Thanks for any help.

In Chrome console the PUT seems to go through ok (cookie/CSRF blanked):

Response with 200:

{“basic_topic”:{“id”:1742,“title”:“VEAO p-40f”,“fancy_title”:“VEAO p-40f”,“slug”:“veao-p-40f”,“posts_count”:36,“category_id”:7}}

You want the “title prettify” site setting.


Turn off title prettify in site settings


Thank you! F/A-18C here we come!

I’m now more worried that I couldn’t think of the word ‘capitalization’ that would have led me to that search result :slight_smile:

EDIT: We also needed ‘allow uppercase posts’ to be enabled as well:

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