New on Crowdin - Translators can work on stable and latest version

Up until now it wasn’t possible to update translations of the stable branch, but with the release of 3.0 we are making changes to the translation process. Translators can work on translations for the current stable release (3.0) as well as for the latest version under development.

We are using Crowdin’s version management which allows you to work on both branches. The stable branch on Crowdin contains strings which are used by both versions and the main branch contains all strings which have been added or updated since the release of stable.

Our weekly translation updates happen every Tuesday, and from now on they will include the stable branch of Discourse.

What’s the current translation progress?

More languages and details can be found at Languages | Discourse Translations.

Not happy with the translation progress? Go to and help translating Discourse into your language.

Note: Translation is still disabled for some languages, but this will change in the upcoming weeks.