Trust-Level Avatar Flair


(Blu McCormick) #36

It is working nicely. I chose to have all my flairs in the bottom-right corner of avatars. If a member is in the leadership group that is what shows. If not, you see trust level flairs.

(Neil Lalonde) #37

@tshenry Why did you copy-paste the user.hbs template in your theme component here? Isn’t the plugin outlet user-profile-avatar-flair enough?


@neil I was concerned that not enough people would be on the absolute latest version of Discourse that has the new user-profile-avatar-flair plugin outlet.

I figured I’d change it from a template override with the plugin outlet added to simply using the actual outlet in core once I knew that most people would have updated to a Discourse version that had the new plugin outlet. I think you merged the PR with the plugin outlet right after beta 4 dropped. Does that make sense to wait or should I assume everyone is on bleeding edge?

(Neil Lalonde) #39

:+1: As long as you plan to eventually remove the copy-pasted template, it’s fine.


@neil I just looked at the the Discourse version of the two people that seem most interested in this and it looks like they have long since updated with the plugin outlet. I’ll go ahead and remove it now and if for some reason someone is affected, I can advise them at that point.

Display FontAwesome icon next to an admin
(Richard Cook) #41

Looking at the new Groups view, is this theme component still needed? It appears we can now add Flair to automatic groups, including Trust Level ones.

Or am I missing something?

Editing trust_level groups

@cookywook, I just noticed this last night! I don’t remember seeing any formal announcement of this being added, but it certainly makes this theme less necessary, which is a good thing!. As of now the main scenario I can see this theme being useful for is when you want to display both group flair and trust-level flair at the same time. I would try removing this theme as a component (not deleting it) and playing with those new group settings to make sure you can achieve what you want, then you can delete it if the new settings work for you :slight_smile: .

(Lee Strickland) #43

I need to get this working, trust level flair doesn’t display by default without it! Last time I tried I failed… I’ll try again.
Can I user font awesome icons in this theme component? It appears so but as I never got it to work I don’t really know nothing.

(Lee Strickland) #44

Okay, I’ve got it working as best as I can without making icons? All I really would need to make this awesome would be the ability to use fontawesome or even the existing group flair settings to make this work. I cannot get the flair to activate automatically with just the default settings in the new group manager. If i were to force their trust as their default group it would show but not both, so your theme component is optimal solution present.
Any recommendations on creating flair icons that will look decent/approximate?


Hey @usulrasolas! Thanks for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face: Allowing easy use of fontawesome is actually the next thing I planned on implementing with this. I’ll start getting to work on this ASAP now that I see there is some serious interest in the feature.

In the mean time, you should be able to create an image version of a fontawesome icon using this tool that @McBlu was kind enough to share in another topic:

I will mention you in a reply here when I’ve updated the theme component with the fontawesome functionality.

(Lee Strickland) #46

Thanks so much, you’re super awesome!
@McBlu Should I just turn the png into a circle with transparent backround with gimp/photoshop to have the left one be circular?

(Richard Cook) #47

I spoke too soon. The automatic groups don’t seem to actually ‘save’ the options you set for them in terms of flair. But I’ll go make a new topic rather than clogging this up.


No problem!

I would suggest using gimp/photoshop if you want to make it right now. You can use one of those transparent placeholder images that come with the Trust-Level Avatar Flair Image Assets as a template. I’ll also add an on/off setting to automatically round the flair images with the next update. Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:

@cookywook Ok, good to know, thanks for the clarification!


What would really rock is if you could specify group flair position ala this plugin! We have no real need for flair based on trust level, but we do have the need to display 2 or 3 flair from different groups.



Thanks for the suggestion! That would be easy enough to add to this, though it might be better suited as a separate theme component since the name of this one would not necessarily lead people to think that it has anything to do with group flair.

There are still some of things that need to be updated with this. I will try to make a group flair positioning theme component when I get a good opportunity to work on everything that’s been proposed. Are you thinking just the same flair positions that you can choose in this one?


Yes. Although, see this other post that I just made for one other suggestion. (Additional flair next to the name.)

(AppyBuilder) #53

Do you know of any type of caching issues? For the assets, I upload a new image (android.png) and give it a SCSS var name. First time, it works fine, but then have issues updating it with different image. No matter what image is loaded, it shows original image name (android.png). Has anyone experienced this?



I feel like I remember hearing about some caching issues with themes in general, but I’m not 100% sure. Different browsers might also cache things in different manners. Hopefully someone else will chime in if they know what’s going on.

In the mean time, what browser do you use? I’m going to try to get a little work in on my themes this weekend, so I’ll see if I can reproduce it, and hopefully find a way to handle it :slight_smile:

(AppyBuilder) #55

Its not browser cache. Seems to be more like server issue or caching. I’ve tried switching browser and using even different computer, but same issue :frowning:


The topic below looks like it might be regarding the same issue you are experiencing. Try seeing if the mentioned workaround fixes the issue. You can ignore the remote theme warning since you are just adding a new line to the CSS.