Untranslated string in the list of countries

I’m seeing an untranslated string in the list of countries:

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 11.07.42 AM

Oddly I do see Norway in the English locale client configuration:

          NO: "Norway"

I don’t see what could be causing this problem. Perhaps it’s a NULL licence plate problem here given the lookup is for NO? But I don’t see anything that would cause that problem in the I18n code.

On the topic of counties: Is there any way to order the list to make it easier to find specific countries? If all of your customers live in the United States,[1] for instance, it would be handy to avoid having to search for it.

  1. Doesn’t have to be US-centric. That’s just country where my clients happen to do business. :wink: ↩︎


Kinda is ya :joy:

Here’s the fix

I hear ya. I’m sure a theme component could be made to auto fill it to US or something. The nice thing is that searching/typing for it is pretty easy vs being forced to scroll all the way down.


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