"Upgrade all" button is awesome!

Great thanks to discourse team for making “upgrade all” button in admin.
It makes life better!


Thanks should head @Osama’s way :hugs:


Couldn’t agree more @arrowcircle @sam
All thanks to @Osama Thanks a lot man. This made our lives so much easier. So much thanks and appreciation to you :slight_smile:


Does the 2.1.0.beta2 make changes that require relaunch? After upgrading if I visit /admin/upgrade it shows

You are running an old version of the Discourse image.

Upgrades via the web UI are disabled until you run the latest image.

To do so log in to your server using SSH and run:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

More info on our support site

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Indeed - follow the prompt and you should be able to get the upgrade all button as well. The upgrade UI needs to be disabled sometimes when there are backwards-incompatible changes between core and the updater, to avoid chicken-egg problems. This sort of upgrade is pretty infrequent however, so most of the time you can use the /admin/upgrade path.