Upgrade script didnot respect app.yml version still on beta

I am on discourse using docker and the default channel was on tests-passed and I wanted to upgrade to the stable version.

I waited for my version to go older which was 2.4.0.beta and then I wanted to upgrade to stable 2.5.1 as we see from Releases · discourse/discourse · GitHub.

So I used the suggestion from the forum posts where I edited /var/discourse/containers/app.yml and have changed the git revision to stable by uncommenting the line and using the line


After that in the discourse folder I ran ./launcher rebuild app which smoothly ran the upgrade, it asked me to do that step again which I did and I got the upgrade successful message which made me happy.

I came to the admin section of the forum and I was disapointed to see that I am on the beta version. I am currently on 2.6.0.beta2, now I wonder if this is the “stable” version :confused:

By default that version: row is preceded by a #

Did you remove it before rebuilding?

The # comments out the line, if it’s present then it will still use the default for version: which is tests-passed.

There’s very little benefit to being on stable, providing you test releases prior to upgrading your live site it’s probably no bad thing.