Weird issue: two categories not respecting sort order, greyed out and have no description on category page

See screenshot - I am experiencing an odd problem with two categories only (Albums and Staff) on my private forum. They are appearing last, no matter what category view I choose. Albums is available to everybody, and staff is limited to staff as usual. If I edit the sort order, I can see Albums is supposed to be further up in the list. When I move it via the selector and save, it still appears at the bottom but correctly has the same styling and description like Lounge. But sadly when I refresh my web browser, it goes back to being greyed out. Safe mode has same problem.

Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 2.46.52 PM


Are the Albums and Staff categories muted for your user? Discourse now shows muted categories on the categories page, and displays them in exactly the way as you are describing - greyed out, at the bottom of the list.

The description for muted categories on the user’s preferences page needs to be updated to reflect this change.


Wow! That is precisely the answer to my question. Thanks so much!


Did you not realize you had these categories muted?

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Nope. I had no way of knowing that until he told me and I went to check. I must have muted these years ago. I don’t even remember why, and it did not occur to me to make the connection.


I think a deeper fix might be to show the mute icon on these categories @Simon_Cossar rather than editing copy. But we can edit copy to start, for sure…


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