When is the "site just updated" message displayed?

When does the global update message get displayed?

This site was just updated. Refresh now for the latest version?

I’m 90% sure I’ve seen it on my site on other occasions than updating Discourse or a plugin.

Only when the site is upgraded to a newer version via /admin/upgrade

Hmmm, now that you mention it I’m not so sure.

I’ve seen it a few rare times and I didn’t think it meant that the sites version had been updated, but that the content had changed since the last time I had been actively browsing the forum. (i.e. online with the lights on but nobody home)

That is, Instead of the Notification count, New, Unread etc. incrementing the update message showed instead.

But now, seeing the topic you linked to,with “assets changed” I’m thinking it means the “store” / cache has changed enough so a hard refresh would be beneficial.

ninja’d :wink:

This is displayed about 3 hours after the asset version changes IF you do not perform a route transition.

In general you would see it if you have a tab that you left around and came back to in the morning.


I haven’t upgraded in several days (there hasn’t been a new version), but I saw the message on tabs I had opened yesterday.

What I remember having done in the meantime that might affect this:

Rebuilding the container will implicitly get a new version from git pull, doesn’t it @sam?

Yes it will … that is part of bootstrap

I’m curious to know if the “site updated” dialog can be suppressed and the application be updated automatically. My organization uses the hosted service and although it’s great that it is constantly being kept up to date, having to explicitly acknowledge the dialog quite often is a small annoyance to the many users in my organization who leave a dedicated browser tab open.


How often are you seeing it? That’s really rare. We update our hosted instances a few times a week at most, unless there are security or stability issues we are working through.

Since we just assumed that it was prompted by an instance update we haven’t been recording occurrences. Our Discourse tabs get left open 24x7 on our office computers and based on my own experience I’m pretty sure the dialog is showing every weekday morning when I arrive. Furthermore I believe that occasionally there are days when I’ll come back to the tab later in the day and the dialog will be up a second time.

I’ll ask my user community to start noting occurrences so we have actual data to provide on this, and I’ll follow up with our findings at the end of the coming week.


At the moment we wait up to 4 hours prior to forcing the dialog, I think it is safe to bump it up to 24

Will do so


I just checked in the increase: (we only prompt you to update if you are running a version that is 24 hours old or older)

Keep in mind as soon as you click on any link and are running an old version we automatically issue a full page reload (as opposed to just asking for the route json)

It will be deployed to our customers later this week.