When you quote a quoted passage, it looks like the quoter is the author

When someone quotes something in their post, sometimes you want to reply to them and mention a passage they quoted. But when you do so, your reply doesn’t take into account the fact that the passage was quoted. So unless someone is following the thread closely, it looks like the OP was actually saying the thing. This is misleading and sometimes quite offensive, as the OP may have quoted something they disagree with.

Is there a way that the <blockquote> context can be retained when the quote is quoted? At least it can be styled so that it looks distinct.

Not sure if this is clear, here’s what I mean!

In his song “Glass Onion”, John Lennon said that the Walrus was Paul.



I never said that!



This might be a regression, I believe this feature was originally implemented here:

Though… this might be a new edge case because a user wasn’t attributed in that original quote?