Where is Solved data stored in the database?

If i install any plugins in my discourse, will the Database columns get updated?
I don’t find any answered/resolved column in the topics table.
If I want to mark a Topic as answered I need to install a plugin.

It depends on the plugin.

Some plugins change the schema and add tables, others might use “Custom Fields” to persist data.


Can you give a use case? Your request is too vague.

This theme component gives some options that maybe of use.

There are also components that compliment plugins like Solved Plugin and Docs plugin .

There are a variety of theme-component that change what is listed by adding or removing columns.

What are you looking to have discourse do?

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Hi @Heliosurge
I tried to upload an .png image explain my situation, but i can’t upload it. I’ll try to explain it.

In each Topics conversation you can see an option to mark a post as “Solution”, this is not a default feature of Discourse it seems. Need to install an plugin to enable it.
My Question is, I didn’t saw any Database column related to mark a post as Solution. Any new table will be created in DB, if I add a plugin?

That feature is supplied by the Discourse Solved plugin.

It stores data in a few places, like the topic_custom_field, post_custom_field and user_actions tables (and likely others).


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