Who should I request translation approval from?

The Chinese has been 100%. Who should I request approve?

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You don’t have to do that, it will be regular merge to Discourse .

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I know. But how to. :smiley:

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Take a look about this Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub

And I notice that you change all the Topic term translations in the last few days, please note it may unexpected break user experience in all exist Disocurse instance are using Chinese language after next update.

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I know, but how to request approve? Please don’t repeat. I’ve ensured the update interval of crowdin bot before translating.

In fact, the old translation isn’t unified. And the theme shouldn’t as same as topic. It’s unexpected break user experience

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You need to be a Reviewer then you can approve translation.

I know the theme and topic has the same translation in Chinese, but it never be a wrong translation, topic is frequently using in Discourse for all user in everywhere but theme mostly for admin/staff and less be use. The old translation of topic was apply in last few years, change it to other without any announcement that’s the ‘unexpected’ what i mean.


the old translation isn’t unified

Not only Topic, but Watch, Flag etc. It’s should be unified. It’s time.
Experience can’t prove it’s true. Obviously, make them unify is right

诉诸传统 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 (wikipedia.org)

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Yeah, this problem has been talk in the Chinese Discourse Community(is closed), but we didn’t resolve it. And we need to talk before any important change, as you can see also other translators are working on the Chinese Translation.

BTW: https://www.wikiwand.com/zh-hans/訴諸新潮

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Chinese Discourse Community(is closed)

I’ve discussed with Scavin. Where to discuss?

I think it’s not applicable for my option. Experience can’t prove it’s true. Obviously, make them unify is right

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Maybe we can mention @scavin just here.

I’m not against your opnion. So experience not also false, which should we unify to?

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