Switching from Transifex to Crowdin

We are currently thinking about switching from Transifex to Crowdin as a localization platform. Since that decision will impact you – our translators – a lot more than us, we’d like you to posts your thoughts about that.

What will improve?

Crowdin has a multiple features I’m really looking forward to:

  • Support for Message Format: That includes syntax highlighting in the translation UI as well as validations for MF strings.

  • Ability to localize assets: That will allow us to localize the Narrative Bot certificat as well as images in public/images.

  • Versions: It would allow you to work on the translations for stable, beta and master branches. That would potentially open the door to updating translations after a release.

  • Custom languages: It makes it easier to add language variants (e.g. formal German).

  • Awesome interface to translate large documents. We could use it to translate documentation and large strings (FAQ, guidelines, …).

  • In-Context Localization: We are thinking about letting you translate the UI right within Discourse.

Next steps

Over the next couple of weeks I’m planning to set up a project on Crowdin where we can refine our current tools for pulling translations and where you can give it a try as well. I’ll update this topic as things progress.


I’ll be short: I think it’s a good idea!


We’re currently following up with Transifex to let them know we’re on our way out the door.


Why can’t I do any changes to translations in transifex (pricisely for Bosnian language)?
Is it locked or something?

Any idea when we’ll be able to translate Discourse on Crowdin?
(self-reminder: I have to fix a mistake in French, “Vérouiller” should be written “Verrouiller”)

Most likely within the next 1-2 months.


I’ve worked with both, and I strongly prefer Crowdin. I fully support this. :+1: It’s so much slicked to use. And there’s a cross-language chat attached to each string which can be super helpful when you are unsure of something.