Switching from Transifex to Crowdin

:bulb: Please visit translate.discourse.org if you want to translate Discourse and all its plugins.

Take a look at Contribute a translation to Discourse if you want to know more.

We are currently thinking about switching from Transifex to Crowdin as a localization platform. Since that decision will impact you – our translators – a lot more than us, we’d like you to posts your thoughts about that.

What will improve?

Crowdin has a multiple features I’m really looking forward to:

  • Support for Message Format: That includes syntax highlighting in the translation UI as well as validations for MF strings.

  • Ability to localize assets: That will allow us to localize the Narrative Bot certificat as well as images in public/images.

  • Versions: It would allow you to work on the translations for stable, beta and master branches. That would potentially open the door to updating translations after a release.

  • Custom languages: It makes it easier to add language variants (e.g. formal German).

  • Awesome interface to translate large documents. We could use it to translate documentation and large strings (FAQ, guidelines, …).

  • In-Context Localization: We are thinking about letting you translate the UI right within Discourse.

Next steps

Over the next couple of weeks I’m planning to set up a project on Crowdin where we can refine our current tools for pulling translations and where you can give it a try as well. I’ll update this topic as things progress.


I’ll be short: I think it’s a good idea!


We’re currently following up with Transifex to let them know we’re on our way out the door.


I’ve worked with both, and I strongly prefer Crowdin. I fully support this. :+1: It’s so much slicked to use. And there’s a cross-language chat attached to each string which can be super helpful when you are unsure of something.


Nice to see this topic bump up my list. That Awesome! The In-Context Localization is the feature my most expected, I’m trying the Corwdin demo and it looks good.


I missed this topic and I’m happy to see a change! Looking forward to it.

I’ve been doing a lot of fixes in Transifex lately and was constantly thinking about how the Transifex UI can lead to bad translation quality.

This was fixed. :wink:


We are finally switching to Crowdin. I’ll post an update in this topic when the migration is complete.

:bulb: Translation on Transifex has been disabled.


The switch is complete. Well, we are still setting everything up to make our internal workflows work with Crowdin, but translating is already possible.

Please visit https://translate.discourse.org and sign up with your email address or your Google or GitHub account.

The documentation on Meta for translating Discourse will be updated soon. If you have any feedback for us or Crowdin, feel free to post it here. I’ll make sure it will get sent to Crowdin if it’s not something we can address.

Also, if you need help with the Crowdin UI, take a look at Online Editor | Crowdin Documentation.


Hi guys!
Add me (likhobory) please as proofreader for the Russian language (as it was earlier on transifex).

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I recently did quite a lot of updates to Polish translation but I wasn’t aware of switch to crowdin so all my changes are in transifex. How is it synced between transifex and crowdin?
Or when was last sync?


No worries. All translations have been copied to Crowdin.


Ok thanks for clarification. I was scared a bit :slight_smile:
If there is some kind of assignment in place then please assign me to Polish language translation.


Hey everyone!

Andriy from Crowdin is here :slight_smile: I’ll try monitoring this topic and answer any questions / requests on Crowdin.

@gerhard Happy to know migration is finished, wishing you all a smooth start.


I’ve been reading and translating on new Crowdin… but I have some doubts:

On the previous platform there was a group of users who could translate and another level of users could “approve” those translations, and in that way the approved ones pass to the final version.

How is it here?
If a user enters and changes translations, are they valid for the final version automatically? :thinking:

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Not correct. For most languages we had zero review, and all translated but not yet reviewed translations were shipped on Discourse.


From previous experience with the Spanish language, a “user” had appeared translating any sentence left and right without consulting the other translators and there was trouble, and IMO a disaster.

I don’t want the same thing to happen now.
So I ask the topic of the reviewers with Crowdin.

Before there was some control, and it was easier to control translations.

A “reviewer” (in my case, he had that role), could approve the translations of other translators, or correct to maintain a convention that we had discussed here in the translators sector.

What would it be like now?

I can’t imagine if call me from the staff to “check” the translations. How can I see the new translations? Can you imagine reviewing all the sentences?

How then to control the wrong translations?
Only when they go to the final version and I see them live in my forum with the Spanish language?


No worries. Crowdin supports a proofreading workflow step too. Approved translations aren’t editable by translators, but they can suggest new translations. That’s actually an improvement over Transifex.

That being said, Spanish is probably going to be one of the languages where someone from our team will do all the reviewing.