Will Discourse get Plesk style install

Hello, I use Discourse a lot because I have so many forums where I’m registered and they all use Discourse (thanks god), only a few use phpBB and I don’t like to visit this sites, but I need to!

My question is now because I like to start my own Discourse forum when the Install process will be so easy like Wordpress?

Is there something already in planning or in development to add Discourse in Softaculous or Installtron, or to create an Plesk/cPanel Extansion for discourse that does all the job of installing?


Discourse uses a set of tools that are more difficult to configure than those that wordpress uses. The standard install document is pretty easy to follow, though getting mail configured is not.

If you want easy, then use a hosting service or have me install it for you. Discourse Installation Packages – Literate Computing, LLC


Thanks, the problem is my dream was to have it running on my Plesk server beside all my other websites, I don’t like to go for now with hosted solutions.

Having it run under plesk is much more complicated. A few people have done it, but it makes installing discourse more complicated and is difficult to get plesk to do it. You can search here, but it’s far from one click. It’s much easier to stick it on its own server.

Thanks! I will rent a server only for discourse and try to install it!

EDIT: But how to connect a Domain without an panel like Plesk? And does the insaller also install Postgresql ?

If you follow the install document, it does everything. You just need to create an A Record pointing your hostname to the server ip using whatever you usually use to manage dns.

@pfaffman I found now the hosting company Nodechef they have discourse hosting service, hope they are good…any expirience with them?

I do not. You can look here. There’s not much, but there’s

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Thanks, this guy has pretty much the same problems I have now.

We at www.Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) have a setup wizard that actually works well :smiley:

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With a package that starts with 10$ I would come over but 20 is to much for my budget.

You can choose to self-host then.
There is a very detailed installation guide available:

discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

If You’re scared of installing yourself, consider hiring someone, I myself do installs but would totally recommend @pfaffman