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:discourse2: Summary Add Category Column adds a category column to the topic lists.
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Until recently Some time ago, categories were displayed in the topic lists as a column. After discussing its usefulness, the dedicated column for categories seemed excessive and it was removed in favor of placing the category under the topic title. There is plenty to gain from this change (see the above linked topic for details), however, some have voiced that they prefer having the category column. This component is for those that may be struggling with the changes.


There are some warnings/errors after update to 2.9.0.beta2.
Maybe it was before 2.9.0 as I never pay attention earlier.

[Warning] [THEME 17 'Add Category Column'] – "To prevent errors in tests, add a `pluginId` key to your `modifyClass` call. This will ensure the modification is only applied once." (application-02f34826699ddd1471a048c99dbf7e34.js, line 4135)

[Warning] [THEME 17 'Add Category Column'] – "Deprecation notice: The displayNewPosts property of the topic model is deprecated" (vendor-3037b934520b46fd8178e08db12bbeaa.js, line 4759, x30)

I sent a PR to fix this and add some updates.


Thanks! Hope it will be reviewed in mean time :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up @Dmitry_Krasnoperov and for the PR @Don! The PR has been merged. I fixed up a couple minor things with the component as well while I was looking at it.