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I haven’t rebaked the post. But, the issue is not with the old topics. even if I create new topic homepage thumbnail is loading from S3 bucket instead of CDN.

and images inside the topic is loading from CDN. the only issue is with thumbnails on the homepage with topic list previews is not loading from CDN.


Try image hotlinking.

The thumbnails are probably treated as uploads.


image hotlinking working with CDN. but, now the images are not loading as thumbnails, increasing the page load time.

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Today my website has broken…and it’s no CSS related.
It’s also broken on mobile.

This is urgent, please help. Thanks.

Please, any fix? This must’ve been caused by the latest commit

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Repro’d and working on it. Please do not upgrade at this time

UPDATE: Getting there, found a workaround and doing some cleaning up. Looks like a change in core has precipitated something, I’ll follow up on that.


OK I’ve patched the issue and performed some other housekeeping: FIX: corruption of tiles display, major refactor to clean up conventions by merefield · Pull Request #115 · paviliondev/discourse-topic-previews · GitHub

NB As part of this release I removed the Category Column functionality. I took this decision to simplify the complex logic (you wouldn’t believe how not trivial that was) and also to reduce the impact of the plugin when not activated as the header template messed up several people’s installs. This will also make the plugin mildly more robust to changes in core. In any case, it’s not really functionality that is central to the aim of the plugin and actually competes with space you could have larger images in.

If you still want the Category Column, but are not bothered about thumbnail previews, pls investigate this Theme Component instead Add Category Column

@nexo @RGJ @jrgong


For your next upgrade, consider setting up a representative staging server and check out the upgrade first there before upgrading your Production instance. This shouldn’t cost too much because you can switch that server off most of the time.

That way you can still discover the problem but not be so reliant on an immediate fix and we can all be a lot calmer about it. Your users will then never see an issue or significant downtime. And you are not so reliant on someone who is not on your payroll.

Unfortunately with plugins there’s always a risk things might go wrong after an upgrade. Luckily I was sleeping light and happened to check in here at 4am but I cannot guarantee to get to issues with such short notice every time. I really can’t guarantee any availability apart from ‘best efforts’. This is why you need to protect yourself and take ownership of the solution.

Pavilion offers a service to check builds on behalf of paying clients. I appreciate this may not be within your budget. If not I urge you to take similar steps yourself.


Thank you very much for the fix and for those helpful tips and advice! I’ll go ahead and set up a staging server indeed. Thanks :smile:


It still seems to be broken on mobile, are you still working on that or is it unique to my site?


Hi David, thanks for reporting, let me discuss that with you offline

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Yes, in fact (disabling CSS) on mobile it doesn’t appear the plugin works. It appears to be the regular Discourse topic list.

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It is. That’s the fallback. Investigating. A bug was introduced into the settings so it would never add the specified features.


Update: mobile should be working now, please update: FIX: replace line removed from over-zealous refactor by merefield · Pull Request #117 · paviliondev/discourse-topic-previews · GitHub

:blush: that’ll learn me to refactor without unit tests!


Sure, that’s expected, but we don’t support CDN delivered thumbnails I’m afraid. Thing is though, they may cache in the browser in any case, so are you judging things on first load or subsequent transition?

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Hi @Merefield,

Don’t know if it logical but this afternoon i updated my board and i have lost all topic-post-badges on the homepage, it’s pretty akward :cry:

It’s totally disappeared from the code :cry:

here the code from another discourse instance

here the code from mine

Could you fix this soon please ? :pray:

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Sorry, can’t reproduce


here my version

Please update to latest and provide detailed steps to reproduce based on the updated version.

TLP is in this case a superficial skin on core logic. It doesn’t change the logic here.

Also consider removing TLP and demonstrating that behaviour is different.


i’ll try and give you some news later :slight_smile: thanks for the answer.

update finished.

i uncheck enable TLP in parameter menu.

without TLP

with TLP