Announce user is close to completing achievements

I might have overseen this feature.
But it not that could be good way of getting users to interact more?

If a user likes a post a message from either core, or discobot telling them they need to like X more times to unlock an achievement/badge. Instead of needing to browse all the badges to see what you can unlock.

The idea sounded good in my head. Let me know what you think :smile:

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I feel that if a user is that interested in badges or trust level, this is a way to incite them to participate for the main purpose of acquiring these perks instead of producing relevant and interesting content :slight_smile:


I am pessimistic about this. My personal experience is that I used to be an old user of a forum, and a new user came to our forum with the purpose of collecting all badges, participating in all groups, reaching the highest trust level, and unlocking all hidden categories. She tried things like crazy likes and replies to stale topics. Unfortunately, we were desperately short of forum moderators at the time, and no one stopped her. In the end she sparked an unprecedented debate on the forum and almost killed the entire forum.


Yeah, I didn’t thought of that. And that person will become annoying pretty quickly.:sweat_smile:
Glad I asked! :smiley:
Thanks for your insight though!

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