Automatically changing ownership of first post to a specific user

What would be the best/simplest way to obtain this: when a user creates a topic in a specific category, the topic belongs to a specific user (e.g., @system). We already have auto-wiki, but this would be different.

I thought about using a wizard, but I did not explore yet how that would work. Especially because I would need an associated link to an external source, and last time I checked the Wizard was unable to do this and associated links seem to have no interface yet.

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I may have been a bit hasty with adding the assign tag. Do you mean using the Assign plugin?

No, not at all, I mean “change ownership”, sorry for the

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I do think it’s a feature request though, and not support.

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I can think of creating a plugin or using a webhook. I’ve never created a plugin so I don’t know how hard it would be, but I use a webhook for my forum that triggers a PHP script that makes an API request to Discourse. This is quite simple.

Actually it’s very easy. If I were to write this plugin it should only take 10 minutes. (Then spend 3 hours testing its usability and translation into different languages…)


I think the official name for what I called “associated link” is topic featured link.

@Lhc_fl if you choose to do so, I’ll be happy to test and translate into a couple of languages.