Category Moderator Improvements

We recently added lots of long awaited improvements to our Category specific Moderators feature.

As of today, they are now able to:

  • Mark topics as solved

  • Edit posts

  • Close topics

  • Archive topics

  • Move posts from a topic

  • Pin/unpin topics

  • Edit category descriptions

  • Add staff notices

for any topics under the categories they have moderator status.

Category Moderators now get a shield on posts under their categories, and we also added a special CSS class their posts, so you can add some custom styling to those users that is restricted to their own categories.


This is fantastic, thanks for the work!

Will mods be able to create unlisted topics or turn existing ones into unlisted?



Silly question: Beyond having access to more categories, is there any other difference between Moderators and Category specific Moderators?


Not a silly question. :slight_smile:

Here are the actions that full blown mods are privy to:


A user that is either an admin a moderator or both.

  • Immune to rate limits
  • Can process flags and posts held in the moderation queue
  • Can delete topics and posts, split topics, merge topics, hide topics and so on.
  • Can view user info including email address
  • Can suspend, silence, anonymize and delete users
  • Can adjust a user’s trust level

Category moderators can perform most of the content based moderation but not all of the user based actions.


No, category specific moderators can’t handle topic list/unlist at the moment.


Can this be restricted?

Only category moderators can edit their own category description, so it is restricted to the ones you manually assign to the group responsible for a category.

And no, as we do with everything else, there is no configurable permission grid for each specific role permission.


Do you have plans to implement ‘Delete Topic’ and ‘Make Personal Message’ ?

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I think ‘unlist’ would be better here. I prefer if site moderators can delete.


The ability for category moderators to edit posts has been merged in just now.



I note that the category moderator can edit all posts in the relevant category, but cannot edit the title of the category’s topics directly.

This is different / inconsistent with the way things work for Moderators and Admins, who can directly edit the title of a topic. Is that deliberate?

There is currently a workaround: they can edit the first post of the topic as this enables them to also access the title and the tags. But this is a bit messy.


When a new topic is created, the first post is part of the creation and description. Hence, for a category mod to edit the title of the topic, editing first post is the only way to go. The permissions seem to follow the OP/topic creator’s permission. Yes, it is “a bit messy,” in a way.

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It looks like we’ve been listened to - Category mods can now edit topic titles directly. Brilliant!


Could you please confirm whether category moderators are able to pin topics to the top of the category? I believe the answer is no… but just wanted to double-check.

This image is from being logged in as a category moderator, and these drop down options don’t provide a way to pin topics.

Staff powers are more extensive and they can pin topics.


Is it possible to change via CSS the shield of category moderators to something else so we can differentiate category moderators from moderators?

Or phrased differently, am I able to target the .svg-icon (which is now a shield) for .first.username.category-moderator specifically? so far I can change .svg-icon, but for all moderators, category or not.


I’m sure you know about the built in feature but otherwise :wink: :

section#topic div.topic-post.category-moderator div.topic-meta-data span.category-moderator span.svg-icon-title {
  display: none;

Selector above will hide shields only from category moderators. Adjust to your needs.

You may want to read How to make CSS changes on your site and Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


Thanks for the pointer!

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Review page doesn’t show restricted tags

Does a category moderator have the privilege to move topic to another category? Does he need to be a category moderator of both categories (source and target category)?