TL4 access to Flagged Topics admin list

We would like our Trust Level 4 members to help us process Flagged posts.

We can’t promote members outside of our organising to moderator because it would expose other members emails.

In similar queries on the Discourse forum, a common response has been that TL4 should have the permissions required to help moderate the communities but from outside the organisation. But I can’t see any options for allowing them access to the admin “Flagged Posts” list.

Is there a way for us to give TL4 members access to the Flagged Posts list? Or are we Discoursing wrong?

Alternatively, is there a way to expose the “Take Action” action to TL4 members?


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This is not possible at the current time.


Ok thanks.

Would it be possible to expose the flag post “Take Action” action to TL4 members? This would allow them to clear flags on auto-locked threads without needing access to the full “Flagged Posts” list.


If one wanted to try to contribute something along these lines, do you have guidance for how to approach it?

Seems like there’s a few options (maybe more?):

  • Allow TL4 members to manage flags (seems disruptive)
  • Add an option to allow TL4 members to manage flags
  • Hide email addresses and other PII from TL5
  • Add an option to hide email addresses and other PII from TL5

You can now use Category Group Review/Moderation to help your staff manage flags. This is the list of powers available to them. They cannot access the admin dashboard but they can handle flags.