Category Moderator Improvements


I note that the category moderator can edit all posts in the relevant category, but cannot edit the title of the category’s topics directly.

This is different / inconsistent with the way things work for Moderators and Admins, who can directly edit the title of a topic. Is that deliberate?

There is currently a workaround: they can edit the first post of the topic as this enables them to also access the title and the tags. But this is a bit messy.


When a new topic is created, the first post is part of the creation and description. Hence, for a category mod to edit the title of the topic, editing first post is the only way to go. The permissions seem to follow the OP/topic creator’s permission. Yes, it is “a bit messy,” in a way.

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It looks like we’ve been listened to - Category mods can now edit topic titles directly. Brilliant!


Could you please confirm whether category moderators are able to pin topics to the top of the category? I believe the answer is no… but just wanted to double-check.

This image is from being logged in as a category moderator, and these drop down options don’t provide a way to pin topics.

Staff powers are more extensive and they can pin topics.


Is it possible to change via CSS the shield of category moderators to something else so we can differentiate category moderators from moderators?

Or phrased differently, am I able to target the .svg-icon (which is now a shield) for .first.username.category-moderator specifically? so far I can change .svg-icon, but for all moderators, category or not.


I’m sure you know about the built in feature but otherwise :wink: :

section#topic div.topic-post.category-moderator div.topic-meta-data span.category-moderator span.svg-icon-title {
  display: none;

Selector above will hide shields only from category moderators. Adjust to your needs.

You may want to read How to make CSS changes on your site and Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


Thanks for the pointer!

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Review page doesn’t show restricted tags

Does a category moderator have the privilege to move topic to another category? Does he need to be a category moderator of both categories (source and target category)?


An easy way to find out is to go to the topic title and if there’s an edit pencil to the right of it as shown here,

Click on the pencil and you should see something like this

Click on the drop down arrow on the right and it will show you the list of categories.

Either scroll down to whichever category you want, click on that and the new category appears in the box. Click the arrow to make it so and it will exit automatically. Click X to cancel.

If the edit pencil next to the topic title is not there, a category moderator cannot move the topic.


If there a way to add the ability to pin/unpin topics either officially or through an add-on?


If you’re talking about Category Mods having that ability, I don’t think that question was ever answered.

Regular Mods/Staff can pin/unpin topics.


If it’s easy I support pin/unping being added to the category mod abilities @jamie.wilson.


I have some code sitting in a branch to do this. I’ll double-check it in the morning, and create the PR then.


…has been merged in.


Would it be possible to add the “admin role” of the user (e.g. is-admin, is-moderator, is-cat-moderator) as a CSS class to this wrapper (or somewhere more global):

<div style="position: absolute; top: 34px; left: 0px;" data-click-outside="true" class="popup-menu topic-admin-popup-menu">

Thus, it would be possible to at least hide some options via CSS for category moderators. In my case, I don’t like them to be able to pin topics. Or is there any other global way to identify the “admin level” of the current user via CSS?

Update: Found it myself… “staff” class is added to the element for admins and mods, but not for category mods. Fair enough.


Category Moderator is very helpful and nicely done. Kudos for the work.

One feature which is missing is the bulk topic selector which enables bulk actions. It would help moderators in a big way.

(In case it is already existing and I am missing it, please indicate the settings to enable it)


Now that Discourse for Teams is starting to attract larger teams, it would be useful to be able to assign category moderators who can do all of the things they can do already plus be able to create and manage sub-categories, without having to give them full on moderator privileges for all categories they have access to. I can see this being useful for other discourse sites as well. Has this idea ever been looked into and would it be feasible to add it?

This is a good idea! Esp on busy Discourse for Teams sites with many topics, or on sites where topics may be created automatically using integrations, it will be painful to not have access to bulk actions. :+1:


Building on the above, I would like to suggest a couple of improvements.
:warning: Disclaimer: we are using discourse for teams. Some of our use case are very different than for an open community.

You can configure discourse to allow moderators to create categories and manage groups.
This is quite useful because:

  1. we want to limit the number of admins
  2. we want to allow many people in the organisation to create categories, which can be achieved with the above. The reason for this is that we are creating categories for teams or projects.
  3. It’s also useful to have many people that have moderator perms like splitting topics.

However there is one specific issue: moderators can manage ANY group, which means they can add themselves to a group giving access to a restricted category. For instance, we have a leadership category and don’t want a moderator to add himself to the leadership group. It would be logged but that’s not enough.

It would be incredibly useful to split this setting into two:

  1. Allow moderators to create categories
  2. Allow moderators to manage groups

Alternatively, maybe there could be some restriction on which group can be managed by whom, so that a moderator can’t manage ANY groups but a specific list. I am not sure how it would work in details.

Thank you :pray: